Delk Print Photos by David Lines

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May 12, 2009 update
Guess what? The "exagerated" arch and long length are etirely normal. In soft mud, if you are moving along, the heel hits and slides a varying distance. This piles up some mud in front of your plowing heel. Then you rock forward in your step, and push it down making a lump. Notice that you've also squeezed some of the water out, making it more dense, and a good block to push off from going into your next step. If the mud is slippery at all, your toes slide back as you push off. Take a look at this video. And if you have the bandwidth, try a larger version. This explains the high density under the arch.

Now that you've seen the video, did you notice the mud pushing up around those huge feet? It's really gloppy and loaded with water, making it less dense.